Teach and live authentically.

My name is Alexis and I'm a full time middle school teacher with a passion to  help educators rethink status quo, reclaim their power, and reframe toxic narratives so they can teach and live with joy.

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How It Works

I empower teachers to identify and challenge teaching norms that often lead to burnout and overwhelm. I promote teacher wellness  through one on one coaching, interactive workshops, and professional development .

What  I Believe

Investing in teacher wellbeing is key to improving teacher outlook and sustainable classroom careers.


Provide tools and strategies for educators, schools, and districts that  support the overall wellbeing of teachers so they can live and teach authentically.  


The Story

It was summer 2018 and my  outlook on teaching was bleak. So bleak, in fact, it was impossible for me to imagine another successful school year. My mind was clouded with worst case scenarios and past experiences validated by bitterness. I felt angry and stuck--until I realized I didn't have to be.

I created this platform out of frustration and a desire to save myself. I wanted better for my students, my family, myself, and eventually other educators like me.

I  empower teachers to own and exercise their agency. From one on one coaching to interactive workshops, I help educators identify & challenge teaching norms that often lead to burnout and overwhelm. 

I am grateful you're here!

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You May Have Seen Me...

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Hey y'all!

I'm a Clemson alum, wife, and full time middle school English teacher! I'm an enneagram 6, a perfectionist, and believer that music makes everything better. I enjoy cooking and all things hospitality. I am obsessed with making my home a haven and I love a good documentary! I'm also a self-proclaimed renaissance woman who believes in my capacity to be good at a lot of things!

I started teaching in 2012 and by year 4, I was burned-out and miserable. But I thought that was "just how it is." I didn't believe that I deserved or could have better. After another burnout a couple years later, I knew something had to change. So, I began to rethink the stories I'd been telling myself about what it takes to teach well.

 I discovered the importance of living and teaching authentically. I also discovered a passion for helping other educators navigate the stress and overwhelm that come with the teaching profession. I created The AfroEducator in 2018 and since then, I've been sharing my story and empowering other teachers to reframe their narratives and exercise their agency!

What People Are Saying

Charlotte Dolate

San Antonio Self-Care Conference Attendee

 Thank you @theafroeducator for sharing your story and helping us write our story toward #selfcare

Jillian Wetzel

San Antonio Self-Care Conference Attendee

WOW! Thank you @theafroeducator for sharing your self-care narrative & inspiring me to speak and live my truth.   It is so important to create these spaces for teachers to share their stories & debunk the “good teacher” narrative.  

Rose Lourdes

Teacher, Miami Self-Care Conference Attendee

..After that self care conference (San Antonio), I aplpied for a job with virtual school, and it was just the changed I needed! Your seminar was one of the ones that encouraged me to go after that change. Thank you!

Meredith Newlin

Teacher, Houston Self-Care Conference Attendee

..Your session was one of the best I've ever attended in my 15 years of teaching...I was blown away...not just the well organized, truly insightful content, but your authentic engaging style. I also came away with a whole new mindset to start putting place. I am truly grateful to have attended your session!

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