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I help educators gain clarity about what they need to be more happy, healthy, and whole in and out of the classroom.

In 2012, I started my teaching career. I was excited to make connections with students and empower them to step into their best selves. 

Even, then I knew teaching wasn't my forever career but I was determined to make an impact for students during my time in the classroom.

By my 4th year, I was burned out and miserable but I didn't believe I deserved more or that better was possible. I thought "this is just how it is." 

Like so many teachers who experience the frustration and isolation of burnout, I struggled through that year as a shadow of who I really am. 

A couple of years later, I experienced burnout again, but this time I knew something had to change. So, I started to rethink the stories I had been telling myself about what it takes to teach well and for the first time, I thought more intentionally about how I really wanted to spend my time and energy. 

In 2018, I started The AfroEducator with the hope of sharing my experience and showing other teachers that they deserve and can attain better.


My Journey 

Becoming Beyond Burnout

I've learned that burnout can be a path to becoming the best version of yourself, but that didn't happen all at once. 10 years & several burnouts have shifted my perspective of burnout from a linear battle to a  cycle of growth. Here's my story...


Started my teaching career, determined to change lives!


Gotta love recess duty with 2nd graders!


  • Started graduate school

  • Had a tough class of 2nd graders 

  • Still tried to show up as the perfect teacher and struggled


  • Assigned to new grade level-Hello 4th Grade!

  • I had some of the same challenging students I taught 2 years prior

  • Exhausted, overwhelmed,  miserable

  • No time for anything or anyone

  • Spent of my time at school or working on school.  My solution? "This is what you signed up for. Push through for the kids."

  • Got Engaged!


My original attempt at a logo..not bad!



  • Moved with my fiance & changed  school districts

  • Assigned back to 2nd grade

  • Struggled to learn new district, settle into new town, readjust to 2nd grade, do graduate school, and plan wedding

  • Broke down in my parents living room

  • Finished graduate school!


  • Got married 

  • Reassigned to new grade-Hello again 4th grade!

  • Opportunity appeared in the form of a job outside of the classroom, I thought it signaled time for transition!

  • Applied for 6 or 7 roles outside of the classroom even as I struggled to identify my marketable skills outside of the classroom.  



  • Cried on my friend's couch that summer at the thought of teaching for another year. 

  • I knew something had to change, so I

  • Created The AfroEducator on Twitter to connect with other educators & share experiences

  • Started learning about self-care

  • Shared my story of burnout and selfcare that was published on The Educators Room

  • First guest podcast appearance

  • Discovered passion for teacher wellness


  • 6 podcast guest appearances about teacher self-care

  • Presented at 4 Teacher Self-Care Conferences

  • Discovered the "Teacher Types"

  • Transitioned to teaching middle school, and loved it!

  • Began positioning myself as a thought leader in teacher wellness 

0602-2019-090819519175563356312 (1).jpeg

Helping other teachers reflect

on self-care



  • 4 more podcast guest appearances

  • Presented with 5 conferences including Educators2Educators

  • Aaron + I bought a house!

  • Experienced burnout again

We moved 9 days before COVID caused the world to shut down!


  • Launched #standwitheducators collaboration with Kind Cotton

  • Started The AfroEducator Podcast

  • Got invited to present with Teach Your Heart Out ! 

  • Left the classroom

  • Started new job as admissions counselor!

Copy of The AfroEducator Podcast Cover Art  (5).png


  • Began new role as admissions counselor

  • Presented with TYHO

  • Celebrated 5 years of marriage

  • Invited to be featured speaker for 2022 Teach Better Conference

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...and  start becoming through your burnout!

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The AfroEducator Podcast is a shared journey of becoming through the trials & triumphs of life as an educator whether you're a current teacher, former teacher, or a teacher hoping to transition

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