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Hi There!

 I'm Alexis, a growth-obsessed, self-help junkie with the gift of gab. I love cooking, creating cozy spaces, and quality time with good people. I'm also a wife, 'dog mama,' and former teacher.

Even though I'm no longer in the classroom, I'm more passionate than ever about supporting educators at every stage whether you're a newbie, veteran, or former teacher like me!

The Story

In 2012, I started my teaching career as an enthusiastic college graduate, eager to begin transforming lives and empowering students to unlock their potential. Even then, I knew teaching wouldn't be my forever career but I was determined to make an positive lasting impact for students during my time in the classroom.

By my 4th year, I was burned out and miserable but I didn't believe I deserved more or that better was possible. I was convinced that this was "what I signed up for."

Like so many teachers, I experienced the frustration and isolation of burnout as I struggled through that year still determined to be great for my students. 

A couple of years later, I experienced burnout again. But this time I knew something had to change. I thought more intentionally about how I really wanted to spend my time and energy. I started to identify and challenge toxic teaching narratives. 


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The Brand

 I started The AfroEducator in 2018, with two simple goals:

1.) Connect with other educators

2.)  Share my experiences

While those goals remain years later,  now I connect and share by inspiring educators to believe in the transformative power of our words and our stories.

I empower educators to passionately pursue growth so they can step into more confident, conscious, and authentic versions of themselves in and out of the classroom!

..After the [self care] conference, I applied for a job with virtual school, and it was just the changed I needed! Your seminar was one of the ones that encouraged me to go after that change. Thank you!

Rose Lourdes

Teacher, Miami Self-Care Conference Attendee

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