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Former middle school teacher, forever educator, & self-care advocate empowering other educators to prioritize themselves 

'Teacher Type'

Is Your 

fueling your burnout?

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Course Overview

In 2020, The World Health Organization officially declared what we all knew already---Burnout is a thing.  For people in service professions, like teachers, burnout is compounded by compassion and decision fatigue. It can feel impossible to move beyond the feelings overwhelm when you're too exhausted to make even small decisions, like what's for dinner. 

Typically, the messaging around burnout is about battling, beating, fighting, and combating burnout with the idea that is something to defeat. 

In this course, you will explore burnout as a cycle that presents an opportunity to emerge as a better version of yourself. 

You will identify your burnout triggers, define your teacher type, and design a plan to facilitate your growth through the challenges of burnout

Course Overview

It took me 5 years to transition out of the classroom & into a new career. I thought leaving teaching behind was as simple as updating my resume & watching the magic happen. I didn't count on the identify transformation, uncertainty, and mindset shifts that happened along the journey.

If you think it might be time to make a career move or you're just feeling restless in your current role as a teacher, this course will help you gain the confidence to boldly take the next best steps for your career, whether that's in or out of the classroom. 


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