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3 Simple Tips to Self-Nurture During the Holidays (and every day)

I love this time of year. Give me all of the warm, cozy things and time with my favorite people. My husband and I love binging all the Harry Potter films, sipping hot cocoa, and enjoying our favorite Italian sausage and kale soup. One of the things that just speaks to me during this season is how intentional everyone is about spending time with people they love and doing simple things that bring them joy.

But the reality is that this season is not always joyful for everyone. Maybe this time is a bit more melancholy for you. If it is, then I invite you to use this time to reflect and think about what is beyond this season that you’re looking forward to. Maybe it’s warmer weather or time at the beach. Maybe you live somewhere that’s gloomy most of the winter and you can’t wait for days with more sunshine. Regardless of your situation, I believe we all deserve joy. So, I created this blog just for you about 3 Simple Tips To Self-Nurture During the Holidays (and every day) to encourage you to practice self-care during the holidays.

This time of year is traditionally marked by hustle and bustle. But I think most of us can agree that being busy has steadily become the new normal, making self-care over the holidays that much more important. These suggestions are not just for this season but for any season when you find yourself in need (or want) of a self-check-in.

3 Ways to Self-Nurture During the Holidays

First and most importantly, turn your attention inward.

Consider what fills and drains your energy. If you’re someone who journals or prays or meditates or has any practice that allows you to get still and quiet, I encourage you to focus your attention on creating awareness around how your energy grows and flows.

Getting clear about your energy reserves will allow you to establish some firm boundaries so you can decide what deserves your best yes!

Boundaries aren’t about pushing folks or opportunities out, it’s about holding space for things you need to allow in. It’s also being mindful of what energizes and depletes you so that you can make intentional choices about your energy. This kind of self-awareness makes boundaries just a little bit easier to implement and maintain.

Next, nurture meaningful relationships.

As you're thinking about taking action to fill your cup, extend that action to your relationships. Which connections leave you feeling energized and refreshed? How can you nurture those relationships to promote continued reciprocity?

The thing is, self-care isn’t actually about the individual. Self-care is also community care. We need support from our people to stay accountable for prioritizing our own well-being. This accountability is important to sustaining self-care and navigating the self-care journey.

Finally, Plan intentional time for YOU.

When it’s time for us to go to the doctor, or dentist, or even get groceries, we make time even if we don’t have it. Somehow we finesse our schedules and we find a way to prioritize our needs. Your self-nurturing is critical to your ability to thrive and it deserves the same attention and action that we give to our other daily “To Do's”.

If it’s only 5 minutes, a couple of hours, or even a whole day, schedule time during the week to do at least ONE thing that fills your cup. The investment in yourself will have major returns for your health and well-being. I promise.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you prioritize joy so you can radiate it in this season and beyond.

Rooting for you always,


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