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Finding Your Voice (w. Kaitlin Johnstone)

Updated: Mar 5

This episode is all about finding and using your voice to inspire change. By speaking out and taking a stand on an important issue, YOU can be the initial ripple to create positive change in our world that’s so desperately needed.

I’m excited to share my conversation with my dear friend, Kaitlin Johnstone of Kind Cotton. If you’re not familiar with Kind Cotton, they are an apparel company that’s redefining kindness as being rooted in justice and grounded in action. Kaitlin, along with her husband Kevin, carries out their mission through their bold, beautiful, statement tees that are inspired by educational and social equity for marginalized communities. What’s even more incredible is that every purchase of Kind Cotton apparel places books directly into the hands of kids. Since 2017, Kaitlin and Kevin have donated 90,000 books to children with many of them featuring characters from underrepresented communities and authors.

The point that Kaitlin and I wanted to highlight in this episode is that we ALL have the power to create positive change in our world simply by using our voice. Every one of us has the power to influence change by speaking out about an issue that’s important to us, encouraging others to join, and then taking action. As Kaitlin and I discuss in this episode, it’s not just enough to talk about the issues and inequities we see in the world around us, we must put our words into action to make the difference we want to see and experience. Every voice counts, and together, we can create a brighter future.

Kaitlin believes…

Words have incredible power to create social change. Kaitlin uses the power of words to raise awareness of injustice, celebrate progress, motivate action, and build empathy and understanding through her company Kind Cotton. You see, when harnessed, the power of words can be used to challenge existing systems and structures, inspire people to push for change, and to help create a shared vision of a better future. But most importantly - like what Kaitlin is doing through her tee-shirt sales - words create an environment of hope and positivity that makes people see and believe that change is possible.

While the power of words to influence and unite is strong and they help us feel seen and heard, Kaitlin believes that we can’t just stop by talking about the challenges and injustices we see in our world, we need to take ACTION. We are all on a journey of growth and empathy, and as we continue to open our eyes and hearts and learn more about what’s happening around us, we can start to make shifts. As Kaitlin points out, the more she learns and connects with others, her understanding and approach to how she uses her voice changes so she can better advocate for changing or dismantling social systems that perpetuate inequity.

Kaitlin also tells us that leveraging privilege for change is an incredibly important concept that should be taken seriously. It’s our responsibility to use privilege to empower others and make a positive impact. True allyship means not only supporting those who are marginalized but also actively working to create systemic change.

But you might be saying to yourself - “It’s just me” and you’re telling yourself the story that your single voice doesn’t matter, that it doesn’t have enough backing to be that beginning ripple. Yes, there is power in the collective agency of activism - that’s how we get to the changes that we need. But those collective movements start with the individual. It all starts with just one person standing up for what is right, and it doesn’t have to be drastic measures either. It could simply look like the way you choose to treat others or the core values you lean into. If you subscribe to the belief that your voice doesn’t matter, then nothing is ever going to change. When you own the power that you have as an individual, you inspire others to also have the courage to take a stand. Be that initial ripple and lean into the power of one.

This was an incredible dialogue about the importance of leveraging privilege for change, the challenges of true allyship, and why even one voice matters. My hope is that, after this episode, you feel seen, heard, valued, and emboldened to use your voice to impact a more just, equitable, compassionate, and Kind world.

Find Kaitlin

  • Twitter: @kind_cotton

  • Instagram: @kindcotton

  • Facebook: KindCottonClothing

  • Website:

Kaitlin’s Bio

Kaitlin Johnstone was a 7-year Kindergarten teacher and co-founder of a company called Kind Cotton. Kind Cotton is a clothing company dedicated to redefining kindness and putting books in the hands of kids. Their inclusive clothing helps to inspire others to rethink kindness as more than simple pleasantries, but rather take a deeper look into kindness being rooted in justice and grounded in action. With every purchase made, a book is directly given to a child through the Kind Cotton Reading Program.


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