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Got A Thing For You...& I Can't Let Go!

I guess you wonder where I've been

I searched to find a love within

I came back to let you know...

Got a thing for you & I can't let go

It's 11:53 pm on a Monday night and I keep reading and rereading and typing and hitting the backspace key more times than I care to admit. The song "What You Won't Do For Love" by Bobby Caldwell seems an oddly perfect choice for the rekindling of my relationship with you, this work of wellness, and most importantly myself.

Even though I've been a little MIA, I promise I never stopped thinking about you. In fact, it is because of y'all that I'm back and more ready than I've ever been to show up (and show out!) for this journey of becoming we're on together.

I've felt compelled to release this post for a while but for the past few months, I've been at a loss for what to say and how to say it. In truth, I've been afraid of getting something wrong.

I also realized just how much I needed to take some time to process the shift that I made out of the classroom. As much as I was ready to make a change, I completely underestimated the impact that change would have on my identity and my work as The AfroEducator.

For months, I banged my head against the proverbial brick wall wanting (and trying) to show up on Insta or for the podcast.

I wrestled with the question of how to appropriately honor all educators, current and former, while still providing value and avoiding any assumption of implicit judgment or motive. As you can imagine, I found myself in quite the negative feedback loop and it eventually caused me to just shut down.

I recognized that I was..lost.

I didn't know how to show up

or who to be

or why I should even continue The AfroEducator at all.

But your support and encouragement and care for me as a human being have been astounding. You've been patient. And kind. And sincere. And loyal and after my quasi-hiatus, I’m ready to check in, share some truth, and announce some exciting updates.

As many of you may know, after ten years of classroom teaching, I transitioned out of the profession in the middle of last school year. You can check out the love letter that was inspired by my time in the classroom here!

To be honest, it all still feels surreal.

I was (and still am) excited that I still get to students in my new role as an admissions counselor at a local university. When I decided to leave teaching, I knew I was ready for something new, but I never dreamed I’d have such a hard time showing up in my business.

I thought I’d just carry on like before. I didn’t account for the ways that my creativity and identity would be challenged when I shifted away from something that had been such an integral part of my life for such a long time. I tried to push through, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I wanted to be honest.

I wanted to show up.

I didn’t know how.

My inspiration waned to an all-time low and I struggled to reconcile my new identity as a former teacher.

Eventually, I decided that I needed to take a break. The pressure to post and show up amid my own uncertainty was overwhelming and I knew I needed clarity. So, I slowed down. I turned inward. And I listened. I posted only when I really wanted to and I stopped allowing algorithms and uncertainty to drive my process.

After a few months, I’m feeling more creative, clear, and inspired than ever. I’m excited to show up more honestly and more passionate than ever before!

Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come:

  • Season 2 of The AfroEducator Podcast

  • The launch of my first mini-course

  • Partnerships & collaborations I know you’ll love!

Whether you're new, veteran, or former teacher, I want you to know that this space is dedicated to our shared journey of becoming. I hope that, together, we can realize the next best versions of ourselves and show up fully and honestly in all aspects of our lives.

I look forward to growing through this next season with you!



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