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Small Wins For Your Health & Wellness (w. Bryan Holyfield)

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

In this episode, I’m chatting with Bryan Holyfield, and you can probably already guess just how I connected with him…through Instagram! I actually first heard about Bryan through my friend Rebekah Poe of Rebekah Poe Teaching (formerly Lessons and Lattes). I’d heard that he had a pretty incredible approach to fitness for teachers that piqued my interest and I just had to learn more.

Bryan is a certified personal trainer and the founder of TGT Fitness. TGT stands for 'This Guy Teaches' because Bryan was an educator for 10 years. He firmly believes that true health and fitness is built on education, guidance, and mastery! He’s also a proud husband, a dad of 3 boys, and a lover of anything athletic or outdoors.

I invited Bryan on to the show based on his online content as well as my own experience and conversations with him in our Instagram DMs. I even took one of his free masterclasses (I’m telling you, if you’re looking for a teacher’s wellness program, his course is a MUST) and I was very impressed with just how much value he packed into 45 minutes and the value his wellness tips for teachers, and really anyone who is looking to improve their relationship with their health. I left the course feeling motivated to reframe how I thought about my own relationship with my health.

His approach to teacher fitness is realistic, personal, and most of all sustainable. Over here, we are all about sustainability, and health and fitness are some things that many of us have or will struggle with at some point in our lives. Now that it seems like everyone and their auntie is a health “coach” or “expert”, it’s hard to know who you can trust or how to determine which “expert” is really the expert for you.

During our conversation, Bryan discusses…

For Bryan, being a teacher - especially being a teacher during the pandemic - highlighted how important focusing on our health and well-being is. And it was through this realization that Bryan witnessed how many people lacked confidence when it came to their health journey and, therefore, struggled to make it a priority, no matter how badly they wanted it.

His health and wellness tips for teachers expands beyond just “getting fit” or “just losing weight”, Bryan’s holistic take on health and fitness encompasses the whole person. Fitness and health is more than just going to the gym or watching what you eat, it also includes one’s mental and emotional well-being in conjunction with health and fitness, and it’s at this intersection that we find our “sweet spot”. It’s through this holistic approach that Bryan feels that we can find and create sustainability in our fitness journey and integrate it into whatever our lifestyle and season of life.

“It’s about Mastery…”

Bryan encourages us to look at fitness and our health through the lens of mastery. Mastery encourages learning, and for Bryan, a sustainable health and fitness journey is about learning and growing from where you to get you to what you want to become. It’s through the lens of mastery that one can personalize their path and be strategic by breaking a seemingly Herculean task into smaller wins and it becomes more about the process than about the destination.

“...[E]mphasize the journey”, Byran says. Too often we are sucked into the “quick result scheme” where we believe that “better is best”, but there is a simplicity in making and celebrating those small adjustments, and that’s when your fitness journey becomes more about mastery - about learning - than about that end result. Bryan tells us that we need to get rid of the stigma around what “healthy” looks like and allow people to make progress in a way that works for them.

“Social media is a great place for misinformation.”

There is a narrative we tell ourselves about what it means to be “healthy”, about what it means to be “fit”. When we start on a fitness journey, we begin to subscribe to certain narratives that work to dictate our relationship with our health and our journey. We are led to believe that it’s our lack of self-control that’s the problem. But empowerment comes from understanding that it’s not our lack of control and it’s in raising our self-awareness to the “good” things we are already doing that will have a snowball effect on getting us to reach our goals.

Social media plays a large role in shaping the narratives that we tell ourselves; and yes, not ALL of it is bad. I like to think of social media as sharing “bit-sized-PD” - just small little nuggets of information. However, social media is a great place to also get misinformation as a plethora of fitness “experts” seem to fill our social media feed. Bryan outlines three of the biggest misconceptions and fallacies that social media feeds us about health and fitness:

  1. All workouts need to be high-intensity.

  2. Nutrition needs to be restrictive.

  3. Being healthy is an all-consuming passion.

“Dream bigger and celebrate smaller. “

We are gluttons for delayed gratification. Bryan points out that we tend to believe that we need to withhold celebrating achievements until we have reached our “final destination” when we get that thing that we were working to achieve. But when we are doing this, we are missing out on the power of celebrating even the smallest of wins. And, contrary to societal beliefs, even the smallest win is worth celebrating. You see, while we may have a definition of what constitutes a “big” or “small” win, our brain can’t tell the difference, so celebrate even the smallest bit of growth along your journey!

You see, our brain has what Bryan calls “confirmational bias”, what this means is when we notice something, our brain naturally looks for more of that within our environment. So, if we are noticing our successes and what’s working, our brain will be on the lookout and “search” for more instances similar, and - as Bryan points out - it builds motivation. Similarly, if we only focus on the negative, if we only think about what’s not working, our brain will start to only notice those things. This keeps us in a constant negative spiral and keeps pulling us down.

Remember, you and your health are in a relationship, so show flexibility and grace.

I hope that. after our discussion, you feel energized and have a new outlook on your own health and fitness journey.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Connect with Bryan!

Instagram: @This_Guy_Teaches

Facebook: TGT Fitness


About Bryan:

Bryan Holyfield is a certified personal trainer and the founder of TGT Fitness. TGT stands for 'This Guy Teaches' because Bryan was an educator for 10 years. He firmly believes that true health and fitness is built on education, guidance, and mastery! Bryan is a proud husband, a dad of 3 boys, and a lover of anything athletic or outdoors.


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